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Industrial developer

Our companies

The MAVENTIS group is proud to present to you all of its companies which bring together more than 120 employees across France.

You have an industrial project for the layout of your warehouses, you are looking for a transit solution, ergonomic storage solutions,

Do you have a need for industrial automation, machine casing, fairings or large format sheet metal subcontracting?

[Discover the different companies and know-how of the group]


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MAVIPAL has been a specialist in industrial design for 60 years. Design, manufacturing and installation of storage solutions, of industrial mezzanines, of inverter room (shelter) and of modular partitions.


LAVAYSSIERE has specialized for 70 years in the design, manufacture and installation of casings and carterisations for machine tools and industrial processes. It specializes in industrial sheet metal and fine sheet metal work.

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PRODEX has been a specialist for 70 years in the design, manufacture and installation of solutions for dynamic storage, of light and heavy duty conveyors,

ergonomic drawers storage solutions.

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DPA Global Solutions / DPA is a specialist in studies, design, installation and maintenance of controlled systems for logistics and industry (automation, IT and industrial electricity).

THE Group

MAVENTIS aims to be the standard bearer of the group's know-how, serving the industry.

It is a registered trademark which aims to support a new industrial project.
Its meaning is based on the history with the “MAV” of MAVIPAL, with the notions of undertaking (entreprendre) “EN”, technique “T”, industry “I” and know-how (savoir-faire) “S”.


Our commitment to proximity and listening is reflected in every aspect of our services. As an industry partner, we stand alongside our customers, understanding their unique and offering custom-made solutions.

David and Myriam PETIT-ROUVES

Would you like to join us? Discover our job offers.

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Our expertise

The group MAVENTIS accompanies you from A to Z in your industrial projects,
from the study of your needs to the installation and maintenance of your solutions.
Its strength is drawn from the different areas of activity serving the industry:

> Industrial storage
> Industrial shelving
Inverter room - shelter

> Conveyor system
Dynamic storage
> Ergonomic drawer storage

> Industrial automation
industrial electricity
Industrial automation maintenance

> Machine casing
> Large format sheet metal subcontracting
Fine sheet metal

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A question ? An industrial project? A quote request?
Our teams are committed to treating your request as a priority.

+33 5 55 86 03 60

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