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Discover the group's different know-how, services and industrial equipment, for the development of your warehouses, your production sites and the maintenance of your controlled systems.
All of our activities are located in France.

You have an industrial project for the development of your warehouses,

Are you looking for a storage solution?

MAVIPAL designs, manufactures and installs industrial storage solutions adapted to your building,

to your space and your products:

>Storage racks > CantileverCantilever with drawers> Industrial shelving > Sheet metal storage

> reel storage > Mezzanine and storage platform  > Inverter room (shelter)

Modular partitions > Industrial partitions Office management

Mavipal 100_GP L'oreal.jpg

Industrial storage


Storage platform

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Fitting out

Do you have a project for the development of your warehouses, are you looking for a transit solution?

PRODEX designs, manufactures and installs complete ranges of dynamic shelving, conveyor systems, order preparation and ergonomic drawer storage solutions :

Dynamic storage Cardboard conveyor, bins > Pallet conveyor > Order preparation 

Ergonomic drawers storage Custom-made module


Dynamic storage

Convoyeurs ligne.jpg

Industrial conveyor

Meuble industriel à tiroirs.jpg

Storage drawers

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Are you planning to automate your production lines and logistics?

DPA is a specialist in studies, design, installation and maintenance

of controlled systems for logistics and industry:

Industrial automation Industrial IT > Industrial electricity Engineering, consulting

> Maintenance and upgrading > Machine safety


Industrial automation

Maintenance automatisme_edited.jpg

Maintenance, upgrading


Machine safety

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Do you need solutions to secure your machine tools or a workstation?

LAVAYSSIERE specializes in the manufacture of machine casings and enclosures :   

Design office > Casings > Enlosures > Sound booth > Soulswimming

Industrial equipment Specific casings

Aménagement de poste - plateforme mobile.jpg

Industrial Fitting out


Industrial sheet metal

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