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PRODEX celebrates its 70th anniversary this year!

18 avr. 2023

Since 1953, PRODEX has been designing conveying, dynamic storage and ergonomic drawer storage solutions.

70 years of history, innovation and expertise, where PRODEX remains your partner, faithful to its professional and human values.

PRODEX is a French industrial company, founded in 1953. It is currently based in Bourgbarré on the Ile et Vilaine (35) in Brittany. A company on a human scale, its core business is the design, manufacture and installation of conveyor systems, dynamic storage systems, ergonomic drawer storage systems and order-picking furniture.

This wonderful story began in the 1950s at the Saint-Hilaire (45) industrial site, where the company set up to manufacture metal shelving for stores.

Then, in 1978, PRODEX's teams decided to adapt to the changing market and to orient the plant towards a new concept, that of "dynamic storage". PRODEX diversified in response to the arrival of "logistics centers" and the mass retail boom.

In 1995, production was transferred to another plant - the company moved to Mordelles (35) in Brittany. The company was subsequently acquired by the SAVOYE Group, enabling it to expand its range of logistics equipment.

In 2010, PRODEX moved to its current production site in Bourgbarré (35). A modern, spacious site (2600 m2) with a land reserve of over 3.5 ha, making it easier to envisage future developments. At the same time, PRODEX is developing transitique solutions for moving from envelope to pallet, ergonomic picking units and drawer storage units.

Creation of the MAVENTIS Group

In 2020, David Petit-Rouvès, owner of MAVIPAL (19-21), acquired PRODEX. These two activities are highly complementary, as both companies specialize in storage solutions. In 2021, he then created DPA Global Solutions on the PRODEX (35) site, specializing in the design of industrial automation solutions. Its aim is to support PRODEX in the piloting and control of the mechanical systems it designs and manufactures. This structure, the result of an association with DPA in Quetigny (21), enables the integration of the latter's know-how and experience.

In 2022, the family group took shape with the creation of the MAVENTIS brand. Development continued with the acquisition of LAVAYSSIERE and Solution Métal, specialists in machine casing and sheet metal subcontracting.

MAVENTIS is the standard-bearer for the Group's know-how in the service of industry.

Today, the group is established on 5 sites, including 3 factories. It employs around a hundred people, with consolidated sales of €14.5 million.

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